Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Zhu Zhu Pets

What a great review and giveaway! This time my kids were very excited when the Fed-Ex truck pulled up and placed a LARGE box on the steps! Thanks to MomSelect and Zhu-Zhu Pets we are now the proud owners of "Chi Chi" and his house and tons of accessories!
The first thing I noticed about this cute little hamster was the little sounds that he makes. I also love the fact that there is no messy clean up for this little guy! We received Chi Chi, (named by my son), an excerise room and wheel, a surfboard and sleeping dome, and skate board and turn around, a car a garage, and a slide with a ramp, and an excersise ball! It took me a while to put together, maybe 30 minutes, but once it was set up, the fun began!

The hamster runs along the house and does not do the same routine each time. He really acts like a real hamster. The house has a bedroom and a bathroom. He makes a noise like he is jumping on the bed in the bedroom and whistling at himself in the bathroom mirror. So cute! My son's favorite part is the car! They loved letting Chi Chi drive it all over the kitchen!
The only problem that I have is that I don't have enough room in my house to keep all the pieces out at one time. I wish I did because every time the kids want to play I have to put it back together again. The good thing is it is much easier to put back together since all the pieces are already on, you just pop them together!

Okay, so would you like a chance to win your very own hamster? I have one hamster and a slide with a ramp to give away! This would be a great item to add to a Christmas List! To win just leave me a comment as to why you would like to win! It's that simple! I will pick a winner on September the 9th at midnight! Good Luck!