Thursday, November 20, 2008

Product Preview Pak and Giveaway!!

This giveaway has ended! Thanks for the comments and entries!

This is my first review and I was so excited to receive my package! Not as excited as my son, but it was great to see the FED-EX truck pull up in front of the house!

I received a Product Preview Pak from Mom Select. When we opened the box, my 4 year old was helping, the first thing we pulled out was a Build a Bear Koala! It is so cute and he claimed it right away!

We also recieved a sample of all Free Clear detergent which is great with all the new baby clothes I have been washing lately!

We got a Lango Spanish CD. My 4 year old thinks he know spanish from watching Diego and Dora, but this CD is great!

Another thing I like it kajeet! My kids aren't old enough for cell phones but if they were this looks great! You can customize when the phone can be used and for what, and who pays for which calls, either the parent or the child. They also sent a neat journal and pen! You can use a bonus airtime code to receive $10 of Bonus Credit! Use code "Bonus 10"

Also included in the Preview Pak were:

-AuPairCare Free Application Certificate

-MobiStories Gift Certificate for you to use! Use promotion code BSM111A and Download up to $15.00 of MobiStories for FREE!!

-NewBaby band-aid holders which will find their way into the diaper bag and the car!

And we received some HP Photosmart Express Cards! They are good for 10 free HP Prints at the Express station.

I am so excited to be doing my FIRST giveaway!

If you would like to win one of these HP cards just leave a comment on this post! The giveaway will end on Sunday November 30th at midnight! This would be great for Thanksgiving photos!