Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Avent Bottle Review

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I personally prefer to breastfeed my children. With my first son I used a bottle with a collasable liner. I liked them but having to keep replacing the liners got expensive. I was working and having to pump so these type of bottles worked well with some liners I found that held breastmilk but it was hard to dump from a bottle into the liner! With my second son I was able to stay home and only had to pump occasionally. I sent my husband out to get a breast pump as I was so engorged I couldn't stand it anymore! He brought home an Avent Isis and I was in love. So easy and so guick. I also loved that I could pump into the bottle and freeze it! It was great as a stay at home who didn't have to have a large supply of milk and it was great for when I had to be away from him. When my daughter was born I used the same pump. I still love it! When we were offered the chance to review an Avent bottle I jumped at the chance!

First of all, this bottle is large! It holds 11 ounces! It is great for carring around juice for my daughter in the hot south! I also love the fact that is a wider bottle and makes it easy for her to hold it herself. I have never a problem with my daughter having gas with the Avent nipples. They are made to prevent it and after having used other bottles, I say it is true! I also love that Avent has tops that children can grow with. I love that they have removable handles and a different type of top to transition from the bottle to a sippy cup. How ingenious is that?

Have you tried the Avent bottles? What do you think of them?

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